[Freedombox-discuss] Freedombox Interface Design And Development

Jonas Smedegaard dr at jones.dk
Wed Apr 30 12:11:30 UTC 2014

Quoting Lockwood Michael (2014-04-30 12:04:25)
> My poorly informed understanding was that Debian for Freedombox would 
> aim to encapsulate the likes of TOR, Diaspora, Some sort of Encrypted 
> Currently Exchange and so on, and aim to build a Decentralised 
> Alternative. If not this could you give me a little more info ?

There is a) first steps and b) later possibilities.

There is a) FreedomBox and b) potentials on top of an actually realized 
and usable and popular and mass deployed FreedomBox.

There is a) FreedomBox 1.0 and b) FreedomBox 3.0.

I want c) but talk mostly about a) because I want it to become *real*: 
We can't jump straight to 3.0 - we need to create FreedomBox 1.0 first!

You can try search the mailinglist archive for "FreedomBox 1.0" for more 
on that dilemma.  Here is an example: 

> Is anybody aware of any papers that might help me in terms of 
> Freedombox and Decentralisation in general?

Sorry - I am unaware of formal studies on these matters.  They sure 
exist, I am just not used to that style of communication.

> The whole Decentralisation of Personal Data Movement 'If indeed there 
> is one?' and the Necessary Interface for Mass Participation is 
> something that excites me.
> Is there anyone on this list with a similar interest I can discuss 
> further with ???

I guess your focus is to explore theoretic or newly invented exciting 
technologies, where mine is to put non-techies in full control (which to 
me implies that the services must be stable - not new).

I have arguably been an asshole on this list.  Harrassed those with 
different focus than mine.

If my guess is right about your focus, then you might find quite a few 
likeminded folks by sifting through the archive of this list, looking 
for posts by me and then check out those I replied to.

Some are still on this list, but some may have dislike my bullying and 
gone elsehwere, so they don't hear your call here now - but their email 
address is still in the archive, if you go look them up.

Perhaps you might also find this list interesting: 


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