[Freedombox-discuss] Why four users with passwords on the freedombox?

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Tue Jun 17 16:51:31 UTC 2014

On Sunday 15 June 2014 08:54 AM, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> One way to get rid
> of this last one is to either remove the user when the initial user is
> created by the first-page plinth setup, and create a local unix user for
> the initial user with sudo access and the password specified on
> first-page.

This will be nice. We can do this along with the change to make Plinth
use system users instead of its own database. Django auth module and its
backends might be useful. With the pending merge requests we are close
using Django auth module fully.


> The plinth process still run as root, while it should run as user
> plinth. :(

I think there is not much to do here. The commands in actions directory
have sudo permissions. So, we can simply add proper arguments to
start-stop-daemon and check that everything still works as expected.


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