[Freedombox-discuss] Some notes on the disk space situation on FreedomBox 0.2

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Wed Mar 19 08:41:32 UTC 2014

When Bdale switched on the option to store the source of all the
installed packages in /usr/src/packages/ to prepare for the release
build, the disk space situation on the freedombox changed dramatically.
I believe we need to increase the image sizes by almost one GiB to cope.

On my freshly created virtualbox image, the root file system is 2.7 GiB
according to df -h, and 1.9 GiB (74%) of this is used.  Only 692 MiB is
available according to df (5% is reserved for user root and not included
in that number).

According to apt-get, installing owncloud will use 973 MiB of additional
disk space, which clearly will not fit in 692 MiB.

According to 'du -h', the source packages in /usr/src/packages fills 836
MiB of the total disk capasity, which is 30% of the current disk space.
These are the 15 largest files in that directory (sizes in MiB):

  75  /usr/src/packages/linux_3.13.5.orig.tar.xz
  67  /usr/src/packages/gcc-4.8_4.8.2.orig.tar.gz
  63  /usr/src/packages/gcc-4.7_4.7.3.orig.tar.gz
  56  /usr/src/packages/boost1.55_1.55.0.orig.tar.bz2
  56  /usr/src/packages/boost1.54_1.54.0.orig.tar.bz2
  47  /usr/src/packages/boost1.49_1.49.0.orig.tar.bz2
  31  /usr/src/packages/db_5.1.29.orig.tar.gz
  31  /usr/src/packages/binutils_2.24.orig.tar.gz
  25  /usr/src/packages/erlang_16.b.3.1-dfsg.orig.tar.xz
  24  /usr/src/packages/db5.3_5.3.28.orig.tar.xz
  15  /usr/src/packages/python2.7_2.7.6.orig.tar.gz
  14  /usr/src/packages/perl_5.18.2.orig.tar.bz2
  12  /usr/src/packages/vim_7.4.161.orig.tar.gz
  12  /usr/src/packages/krb5_1.12+dfsg.orig.tar.gz
  12  /usr/src/packages/eglibc_2.18.orig.tar.xz

The disk images are already 3 GiB.  Should we increase it to 4 GiB
before publishing version 0.2?

As for why we have three versions of boost installed, I have no idea.
Only libboost-iostreams1.54.0 is used by aptitude.  'aptitude why' had
no idea why the other two were installed.  Nothing was removed when I
purged libboost-iostreams1.49.0 and libboost-iostreams1.55.0.  I guess
similar analysis should be done for all duplicate packages. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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