[Freedombox-discuss] Raspberry Pi Video Support

Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen.gaeremyn at pandora.be
Tue May 6 20:26:29 UTC 2014

Hey all,

I think I'm way out of my league when I try contributing to this page... 
can't help opening my mouth though...

Please remember we're talking about RasPi here... running OwnCloud for a 
single user is already pulling this machine to its knees.
If you'd start adding TOR, mailpile, etc... I'm assuming this would 
really start running really slow.
Now add another thingie called XBMC... and you'll probably get a media 
centre with a framerate of 1fps at best. I doubt this would give a good 
experience - and would be counter productive: people would consider the 
RasPi/Freedombox as a piece of crap.

Keeping it lean and spiffy is the way to go. Obviously, you could have 
some torrent client running on your Freedombox, and use a separate RasPi 
to function as a media centre, and possibly even pull its (legally or 
otherwise acquired) movies from your freedombox.

This way, you're actually putting your RasPi in good use twice (but 
you'll need 2 of them). :)


On 06-05-14 22:11, Chris Troutner wrote:
> My (personal) idea of a "FreedomBox" is the suite of software built and loaded onto a piece of hardware from the Freedombox 'package'. Not necessarily Plinth, as that is just a configuration program, but things like TOR, privoxy, JWChat, and other stuff like encrypted email.
> I *really* like the stance this project has taken to use Freedom-maker and Plinth to make the build and configuration as easy and painless as possible.
> My inspiration for this idea comes from the fact that I've tried to describe Freedombox to my friends and family and haven't gotten much of a reaction from them. They think it's a cool idea, but the immediate benefit to them isn't apparent. However, they all get excited by the idea of a media center... and wouldn't mind contributing some network capacity to the TOR network while they're at it.
> If xbmc and whatever other packages were needed to get a basic media player running on the Raspberry Pi were included in the freedom-maker script for that hardware target, it would make the Freedombox a much easier sell to the common person. This same notion could be said for the personal cloud storage, which I am also stoked to see being added to the project. The benefit for the non-privacy-sensitive person is clear and immediate, and would make adoption and proliferation of the privacy-promoting software easier.
> -Chris Troutner
> /Jonas said:/
> ...but that's just me.  It really depends quite essentially on what you
> mean by "FreedomBox", and I shall not judge you on that.
>   - Jonas
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