[Freedombox-discuss] Raspberry Pi Video Support

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Wed May 7 14:22:21 UTC 2014

On 05/06/2014 04:26 PM, Jurgen Gaeremyn wrote:
> Hey all,
> I think I'm way out of my league when I try contributing to this 
> page... can't help opening my mouth though...
> Please remember we're talking about RasPi here... running OwnCloud for 
> a single user is already pulling this machine to its knees.
> If you'd start adding TOR, mailpile, etc... I'm assuming this would 
> really start running really slow.

You can actually have a look at arkos (arkos.io) in its current state to 
get a sense of how OwnCloud, Tor, et al perform together on a Raspberry 
Pi.  The most recent revision includes the ability to run a mail 
server-- it doesn't sound like the installation is easy for that yet but 
you can at least get an idea of performance with a mailserver running.


> Now add another thingie called XBMC... and you'll probably get a media 
> centre with a framerate of 1fps at best. I doubt this would give a 
> good experience - and would be counter productive: people would 
> consider the RasPi/Freedombox as a piece of crap.
> Keeping it lean and spiffy is the way to go. Obviously, you could have 
> some torrent client running on your Freedombox, and use a separate 
> RasPi to function as a media centre, and possibly even pull its 
> (legally or otherwise acquired) movies from your freedombox.
> This way, you're actually putting your RasPi in good use twice (but 
> you'll need 2 of them). :)
> Grtz,
> Jurgen.
> On 06-05-14 22:11, Chris Troutner wrote:
>> My (personal) idea of a "FreedomBox" is the suite of software built and loaded onto a piece of hardware from the Freedombox 'package'. Not necessarily Plinth, as that is just a configuration program, but things like TOR, privoxy, JWChat, and other stuff like encrypted email.
>> I *really* like the stance this project has taken to use Freedom-maker and Plinth to make the build and configuration as easy and painless as possible.
>> My inspiration for this idea comes from the fact that I've tried to describe Freedombox to my friends and family and haven't gotten much of a reaction from them. They think it's a cool idea, but the immediate benefit to them isn't apparent. However, they all get excited by the idea of a media center... and wouldn't mind contributing some network capacity to the TOR network while they're at it.
>> If xbmc and whatever other packages were needed to get a basic media player running on the Raspberry Pi were included in the freedom-maker script for that hardware target, it would make the Freedombox a much easier sell to the common person. This same notion could be said for the personal cloud storage, which I am also stoked to see being added to the project. The benefit for the non-privacy-sensitive person is clear and immediate, and would make adoption and proliferation of the privacy-promoting software easier.
>> -Chris Troutner
>> /Jonas said:/
>> ...but that's just me.  It really depends quite essentially on what you
>> mean by "FreedomBox", and I shall not judge you on that.
>>   - Jonas
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