[Freedombox-discuss] Plinth Contributing

Michael info at fonfon.at
Wed Nov 26 12:01:50 UTC 2014

Hi Eli,

a couple of thoughts/ideas:

Sunil recently said that he'd like to see a more 'modern' layout --
right now we kind of use a bunch of default bootstrap elements.

In general the usability of Plinth could be improved, for example the
tor page is a bit confusing now, perhaps we could display the status a
bit better (requiring less space). Help texts could be more verbose,
more up-to-date and easier for non-techies.

Another good way to contribute is to add more apps -- is there anything
you'd like to have?

It'd be good to have more (python) tests.

On Sunday there's a ProgressCall
(https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/ProgressCalls) to coordinate and
discuss open issues. Most topics won't be about Plinth specifically,
except the dashboard.
The dashboard is a proposal to easier start/stop apps on the freedombox:
It's not yet clear in which direction the dashboard will go, perhaps
we'll even build (and use) an API (start/stop/configure/install/uninstall)

Right now there isn't a lot of JavaScript in Plinth. I hesitated to add
more because purists might want to have a fully functional interface
without JavaScript. On the other hand this will constrain the usability
of Plinth. That's another thing we could discuss on Sunday.


On 26/11/14 03:35, Eli F. wrote:
> howdy,
> I am a software developer looking to make contributions to Plinth as my
> time and energy allow.
> I see a document that describes getting a development environment up and
> running but is a little sparse on the Bugs/TODO section.
> (https://github.com/freedombox/Plinth/blob/master/HACKING)
> I mostly work with JavaScript on client side web applications but have
> working knowledge with Python.
> Are there any immediate development needs for the web interface? Or a
> list to look through?
> -Eli
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