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Am 4/5/2015 um 8:08 AM schrieb Melvin Carvalho:
> On 5 April 2015 at 15:58, Markus Sabadello <markus at projectdanube.org
> <mailto:markus at projectdanube.org>> wrote:
>     Am 4/5/2015 um 2:36 AM schrieb Melvin Carvalho:
>>     On 5 April 2015 at 05:28, Markus Sabadello
>>     <markus at projectdanube.org <mailto:markus at projectdanube.org>> wrote:
>>         We used Henry's server:
>>         https://github.com/read-write-web/rww-play
>>         It seems a bit heavy for a little box and could probably be
>>         optimized a bit, but in general it worked very well for us.
>>         I am interested in trying GOLD as well! They should be
>>         compatible, right..
>>     Thanks, I know that repo. 
>>     Yes GOLD is compatible with LDP.  It passes all the tests on the
>>     spec.  For those that dont know LDP stands for "Linked Data
>>     Platform".  Linked Data is pseudonym for semantic web / web of
>>     data / web3.0 etc.  The "Platform" is essentially a web server
>>     that exposes a file server to the web, with some meta data,
>>     modeled on the UNIX principles.  It became a W3C recommendation
>>     about 1 month ago, and has about 10 different implementations,
>>     and an interoperability test suite.
>>     GOLD it also has a few other features such as support for
>>     websockets, to allow realtime updates, modular authentication,
>>     access control lists and JSON LD.  In some sense it's pre
>>     guessing what will go into the next version of the spec, but
>>     given that it's coming from Tim Beners-Lee's team at MIT, and Tim
>>     is director of the W3C those guesses should be quite good ones.
>>     GOLD was a complete rewrite of the PHP version, written in Go for
>>     performance and async properties.  It runs on a raspberry pi
>>     quite well Im told.  We're starting to see the first alpha apps
>>     for this platform, and Im encouraged.  Apps are generally modular
>>     100% client side JS apps, that can run from any location,
>>     including your own storage / file system, giving you extra
>>     control and freedom.  We'd like to converge with friendly
>>     projects such as unhosted and owncloud, and communication
>>     channels are open, but realistically convergence takes time. 
>>     One thing I have not worked out for freedombox is how to connect
>>     my storage to the web e.g. using dynamic dns over https.  If
>>     anyone has a solution to this, or any ideas, I'd be interested to
>>     hear.
>     We re using PageKite, FreedomBox already supports that.
>     And once Let's Encrypt is ready, https shouldn't be a problem either.
> Thanks, Im really excited about letsencrypt, as I understand it we can
> test in around 1 month from now, so currently Im slightly in waiting
> mode. 
Yes that's what I heard too.
> I have the domain myfbx.com <http://myfbx.com> which I used to run
> with HTTP with my freedom box using dyndns.  But now the server I run
> is on HTTPS and most dyndns services dont offer HTTPS at entry level.
> I'm slightly confused about how pagekite works with HTTPS.  On the
> site it says:
> "Trial period: *31 days* & *2.5 GB"
> *
> OK, so I probably wont use 2.5GB in a month.  But Im trying to
> understand why is there a limit there, and is there any way to avoid
> it?  I dont mind paying for a service, but just want to understand
> what im paying for...
PageKite is both the name of the software (open source), and the name of
the company offering you the software as a service.
So instead of paying the company, you can also just run PageKite on your
own server for free, if you have one, and connect your FreedomBox to it
so it gets a public IP and DNS.

With HTTPS, the TLS connection can either terminate at the PageKite
server, or at your box, both is possible, the latter is obviously
>>         Markus
>>         Am 4/4/2015 um 6:05 PM schrieb Melvin Carvalho:
>>>         On 4 April 2015 at 20:17, Markus Sabadello
>>>         <markus at projectdanube.org <mailto:markus at projectdanube.org>>
>>>         wrote:
>>>             Hello,
>>>             We concluded the GETD event this week:
>>>             http://get-d.net/get-decentralized-san-francisco-bay-area-spring-2015/
>>>             I brought several of my CubieTruck-based FreedomBox
>>>             prototypes.
>>>             It turned out to be not so much a hackathon with a lot
>>>             of developers, rather it was a smaller gathering with
>>>             presentations and workshops and people from various
>>>             backgrounds.
>>>             So unfortunately we didn't really get to work on any of
>>>             the TODO items that Sunil has put together.
>>>             German startup Jolocom <http://jolocom.com/>, who
>>>             convened the event, showed a demo of a mobile app where
>>>             you can navigate a distributed semantic data graph
>>>             (using RDF / Linked Data technology).
>>>             So we installed a Linked Data server on the
>>>             FreedomBoxes, and that was the main focus of the event.
>>>         Sounds very interesting, thanks for sharing.  I think linked
>>>         data is a good match for freedombox.  Which server did you
>>>         install, I've been testing GOLD [1] quite extensively
>>>         lately, and am pleased with the results.  Would love to hear
>>>         your impressions.
>>>         [1] https://github.com/linkeddata/gold -- GOLD -- Go Linked
>>>         Data server.
>>>             We also had participation from RiotOS
>>>             <http://riot-os.org/>, with some discussion how data
>>>             from the Internet of Things could be controlled via a
>>>             FreedomBox.
>>>             I also had the pleasure to meet with:
>>>             - Greg who had introduced us to DNSChain
>>>             <https://github.com/okTurtles/dnschain> on one of the
>>>             recent progress calls.
>>>             - Ranga Krishnan of the EFF, who pointed me to LEAP
>>>             <https://leap.se/> as a candidate technology for secure
>>>             messaging on FreedomBox
>>>             - John Light who is working on a Bitcoin box
>>>             <https://bitseed.org/product/blockchain-node-developer-version/>
>>>             So once again it seems clear how a FreedomBox can
>>>             potentially be used for so many different purposes.
>>>             Therefore I think the extensibility of Plinth and
>>>             package management (as we discussed on the last call) is
>>>             becoming more and more important.
>>>             On Wednesday evening, we were invited to a party at the
>>>             Internet Archive.
>>>             I had the opportunity to give a talk about FreedomBox,
>>>             see here for the recording:
>>>             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YgOYjOGZuQ
>>>             <https://bitseed.org/product/blockchain-node-developer-version/>Next
>>>             week I will be at the Internet Identity Workshop:
>>>             http://www.internetidentityworkshop.com/
>>>             Markus
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