[Freedombox-discuss] All images for FreedomBox 0.5 built and uploaded

Markus Sabadello markus at projectdanube.org
Sat Aug 8 19:34:31 UTC 2015


Like Michael, I also tested a bit on CubieTruck yesterday.
The first-boot and Plinth first-run seemed to work fine, and I also
tried a few of the applications.
No errors in /var/log/freedombox-setup.log and

That was yesterday. Today I'm trying again and during first-run I get
endless log lines like this on the console..
[    5.973081] systemd[1]: Time has been changed
[    5.977827] systemd[1]: Time has been changed
[    5.982432] systemd[1]: Time has been changed
The boot process then never seems to complete, and some other errors
show up as well.
I guess I somehow messed up one of my CubieTrucks.
When I try the same image on a different CubieTruck, it works again
without problems.

Another thing I noticed is that the firmware-atheros package was missing
for the USB AR9271 adapter.
I installed it manually via SSH, and got a new interface called
With this interface, I was able to successfully configure a wireless AP
via the Plinth network-manager module.
Internet access via that AP works (I get IP, but DNS
resolution of "freedombox" fails.
The Tor transparent proxy also doesn't work on that interface (is it
supposed to?).

Sometimes when trying to install applications, I get this error in Plinth:
Error installing packages: E: http://http.debian.net sid/main armhf
Packages is not (yet) available ()

Plinth and the whole box are noticeable faster, this is a huge improvement!

Looks like the release has already been announced now, yay :)
I'll keep testing more over the next few days to try everything on the
QualityAssurance page.


On 08/07/2015 03:49 PM, Sunil Mohan wrote:
> On 08/07/2015 04:34 PM, Michael Pimmer wrote:
>> Thanks Sunil,
>> I'll be able to test tomorrow morning. Markus, if you can test earlier
>> or want to play around anyway go for it!
> Drop a line to Nick and James when this is done.  One of them will make
> the announcement.

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