[Freedombox-discuss] All images for FreedomBox 0.5 built and uploaded

Sunil Mohan sunil at medhas.org
Mon Aug 10 16:58:01 UTC 2015

On 08/09/2015 01:04 AM, Markus Sabadello wrote:
> That was yesterday. Today I'm trying again and during first-run I get
> endless log lines like this on the console..
> [    5.973081] systemd[1]: Time has been changed
> [    5.977827] systemd[1]: Time has been changed
> [    5.982432] systemd[1]: Time has been changed
> The boot process then never seems to complete, and some other errors
> show up as well.
> I guess I somehow messed up one of my CubieTrucks.
> When I try the same image on a different CubieTruck, it works again
> without problems.

It looks like it is something to be worried about.  Other people seem to
have faced the issue[1].  They say that when this happens, the system is
quite slow (perhaps the cause).

> Another thing I noticed is that the firmware-atheros package was missing
> for the USB AR9271 adapter.

I just created a bug (#795103) in freedombox-setup package for it.

> I installed it manually via SSH, and got a new interface called
> "wlx485d602a76ad".

This naming scheme is systemd's new predictable naming scheme which we
have started to take advantage of.

> Internet access via that AP works (I get IP, but DNS
> resolution of "freedombox" fails.

This was reported to work.  Looks like a regression.  I have created a
bug against freedombox-setup for this.

> The Tor transparent proxy also doesn't work on that interface (is it
> supposed to?).

We have not implemented Tor transparent proxy.  Tor SOCKS proxy has a
small bug.  Some discussion in bug #794845.

> Sometimes when trying to install applications, I get this error in Plinth:
> Error installing packages: E: http://http.debian.net sid/main armhf
> Packages is not (yet) available ()

Could this be an issue with a bad/slow mirror?

> I'll keep testing more over the next few days to try everything on the
> QualityAssurance page.

Since our focus is now polish, please don't hesitate to report any minor
annoyances and UI issues.

1) http://archlinuxarm.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=8912


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