[Freedombox-discuss] Raspberry Pi 2

Sam Hartman hartmans at debian.org
Wed Feb 4 22:02:14 UTC 2015

I'm really frustrated reading your messages because I need you to
respect my needs and requirements when engaging in a discussion with
you.    If you can do that I will respect your needs and requirements
and respect that we may have different, conflicting requirements.

When I read statements like  "Don't see an advantage here either," I'm
frustrated because I am hoping that my requirements will be respected
even if you disagree with them.

One of the reasons I've been involved for Debian so long is that we have
a history of  understanding that our users have a lot of different
requirements and respecting those even if we don't serve them.

It sounds like you're saying you value a form of privacy where you do
business with a large number of parties and minimize the information you
give each party.  I respect that, although I find that doesn't meet my

I find value for real-world purchases in having a small number of
trusted parties I can depend on.  I also value being able to obtain
things quickly and efficiently.

I'm disappointed because even if you would prefer that the Freedom Box
project value your needs above mine, I'd hope that mine would be

Thanks for your consideration.

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