[Freedombox-discuss] Raspberry Pi 2

Jens Thiele karme at karme.de
Wed Feb 4 23:07:16 UTC 2015

Sam Hartman <hartmans at debian.org> writes:

> Hi.


not really sure it is a good idea to answer tonight.

> I'm really frustrated reading your messages because I need you to
> respect my needs and requirements when engaging in a discussion with
> you.    If you can do that I will respect your needs and requirements
> and respect that we may have different, conflicting requirements.

Please don't be frustrated and please keep in mind I am not a native
English speaker (my answers are sometimes very short for that same

Also be assured I respect your needs.

> When I read statements like  "Don't see an advantage here either," I'm
> frustrated because I am hoping that my requirements will be respected
> even if you disagree with them.

Don't understand that one - from _my point of view_ (not yours!) there
is no advantage at that point.

> One of the reasons I've been involved for Debian so long is that we have
> a history of  understanding that our users have a lot of different
> requirements and respecting those even if we don't serve them.


> It sounds like you're saying you value a form of privacy where you do
> business with a large number of parties and minimize the information you
> give each party.  I respect that, although I find that doesn't meet my
> needs.


> I find value for real-world purchases in having a small number of
> trusted parties I can depend on.

Feel free to do so and as I mentioned you can buy OSHW boards even on
amazon, if that is your requirement.

> I also value being able to obtain things quickly and efficiently.

me, too.

> I'm disappointed because even if you would prefer that the Freedom Box
> project value your needs above mine, I'd hope that mine would be
> respected.

I just don't want people to promote hardware as open when in fact it
isn't and to spread FUD about OSHW boards (availability, popularity).

Hmm, sounds a bit harsh - but really it isn't meant like that ;-) Btw. I
still don't see which of your needs isn't fullfilled with OSHW?  And be
assured if you just want to use the Raspberry Pi 2 without any real
arguments or maybe because you like its name/color/taste, I just respect
that and just to make really sure: I don't want to discourage anyone to
work on freedombox using whatever hardware he likes and btw. my view is
completely irrelevant anyway...

I just want to encourage people _buying new hardware_ to buy OSHW as I
don't see a reason not to do so. (Of course there is always a good
reason to re-use old hardware).

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