[Freedombox-discuss] Usable, affordable, oswh hardware with up-to-date kernel support?

Wookey wookey at wookware.org
Thu Feb 5 17:42:58 UTC 2015

+++ Jonas Smedegaard [2015-02-05 18:01 +0100]:
> Quoting Jens Thiele (2015-02-05 17:11:36)
> > Pieter van der Eems <pieter at eemco.nl> writes:
> >> The only board that are oshw complaint on that list are the OLinuXino 
> >> boards and the Radxa Rocks. They also supply direct ethernet and 
> >> sata. So far so good. Here comes the problem though, non of these 
> >> sbc's has an up-to-date kernel, 3.4 is the best these things can do.
> >
> > regarding OLinuXino:
> > mainline kernel and u-boot support is still wip.
> > I happily use 3.19 + some small patches to kernel and u-boot to get 
> > lcd output with olinuxino a20 micro/lime2+lcd7/lcd10
> >
> > for details please see:
> > http://linux-sunxi.org/Linux_mainlining_effort
> Status is *not* same for OLinuXino A13 and OLinuXino A20 boards.
> Status is *not* same for mainline Linux and Linux in Debian testing.
> I believe (unverified - based on changelog notes) that at least some 
> OLinuXino A13 boards are supported in the kernel now in Debian testing.

Debian-installer works out of the box on Cubieboard, cubieboard2,
Cubietruck, and with ubdated uboot on Olinuxino-LIME and
-A20-Micro. It should work on a range of A10,A13 or A20-based devices,
but may need tweakage.  Here is current status:

Please update if you have further info.

This talk at fosdem reported current status for the Allwinner devices:

(that's a pdf file (delivered as html that may confuse your browser))

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