[Freedombox-discuss] plinth giving Bad Request (400)

Cameron Bunch cdbunch at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 21:35:29 UTC 2015

I am trying to get an fbx setup as a Vmware VM to begin some Freedombox
experimentation with it but have encountered a problem. I have done the

1. Obtained the VirtualBox image (2014-11-15) and converted it into a
Vmware VM.

2. Created Vmware vSwitches for the router side and for the PC side. The
router side switch is connected to my ADSL modem and to the fbx eth0
interface. The PC side switch connects to the fbx eth1 interface but to
no physical interface.

3. Created a Debian Wheezy VM with a full desktop load which is
connected to the PC side switch where the fbx eth1 interface is.

This setup should simulate an fbx on, for example, a DreamPlug with the
eth0 plugged into the router and the eth1 plugged into the PC. I had to
change the fbx eth1 IP from to because the ADSL
router is and the duplicated IP caused a conflict that
killed all network connectivity. However, with that change I have
connectivity (ping) from PC to fbx and also out to the Internet via the
fbx and ADSL router. For example, updating the Debian on the Wheezy VM
with apt-get worked fine.

The problem is that when I use Iceweasel on the Wheezy PC VM to access I get: Bad Request (400). Does anyone have an
idea what might be causing that? I have spent a fair amount of time
digging around in the internals and reading the docs but have not
figured it out. (I have learned a fair amount about how fbx is setup,

When I execute wget http://localhost:8000/plinth at the fbx command line
wget is happy and saves what looks to me like a perfectly good initial
web page.


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