[Freedombox-discuss] Plinth 0.4.4 released

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Tue Jan 13 11:37:25 UTC 2015


Plinth release 0.4.4 is now available.

Plinth is a web interface to administer the functions of FreedomBox.

Summary of changes since 0.4.1:
  - Update to Bootstrap3 and improve styling in general
  - Fix issue with Apache configuration
  - Improvements to working behind a proxy server
  - Introduce package management framework
  - Show progress bar while installing ownCloud
  - Tested JWChat/ownCloud on .onion addresses
  - Test coverage measurement
  - Rewamped first boot wizard
  - Proper user management with editing and setting passwords
  - Remove expert mode
  - Seperate out domain name vs. hostname configuration
  - Fix issues with ejabberd configuration update on hostname change
  - Fix issue with hostname changes
  - Debian packaging related fixes
  - Many bug fixes and code cleanups


  Plinth's upstream URL is: https://github.com/freedombox/Plinth/

  Latest Plinth package is uploaded to Debian unstable (special thanks
  to Bdale Garbee) and should be available soon.

Contributors to this release:

  - Bob Girard
  - James Valleroy
  - Michael Pimmer (fonfon)
  - Sunil Mohan Adapa

Call for help:

  Plinth is steadily improving and getting into good shape.  We have a
  couple of first time contributors since the last release.  The pace of
  development has increased and so has the release frequency.  We are
  now headed for a 1.0 release of FreedomBox aimed at developers.  We
  could use a lot more help to get FreedomBox to where we all want it
  to be.  You can contribute to Plinth/FreedomBox by coding, designing,
  documenting, testing etc. See:


Changes since 0.4.1:

Bob Girard (1):
      Add test coverage measurement and reporting

James Valleroy (29):
      Check if tor is installed before running some commands.
      Handle errors with Tor HS configuration.
      Show info about installing Tor if it is not already installed.
      Show error messages from xmpp-setup and xmpp-register.     Avoid
causing plinth to show error page.
      Add action to check if ejabberd is installed.     If not
installed, show instructions on how to install it.
      Move ejabberd install info to template file.
      Convert xmpp-register action to python.
      Use invoke-rc.d to avoid service mask error. Fixes #9.
      Don't use dpkg-reconfigure to modify configuration files.     It
will fail if the files have been modified another way.
      Convert xmpp-hostname-change to python, merge into xmpp action file.
      Track which section of ejabberd config we are in, and only edit
the hosts section.     Check for jwchat config and ejabberd dumpfile
before trying to modify them.
      Signal xmpp module before and after hostname is changed.
      Store ejabberd backup in non-world-readable location.
      Only modify specified lines in ejabberd backup database when
changing hostname.
      Fix xmpp change-hostname options.
      Change hostname for some more fields that may appear in ejabberd
backup database.
      Make sure new hostname will show up immediately.
      Use regexes to relax matches when updating xmpp hostname.
      Fix some issues with replacing hostname in xmpp config.
      Don't delete the ejabberd backup database if it fails to load.
      Apply patch from Sunil to correctly set hostname in systemd
      Convert xmpp-pre-hostname-change to python, merge into xmpp action
      Use mnesia-change-nodename to update ejabberd backup database.
 As Sunil suggested, rearrange commands so we can do this with only 1
ejabberd restart.
      Use correct node names for ejabberd.
      Remove unnecessary ejabberdctl call.
      Don't change ejabberd hosts or jwchat sitename when changing
hostname.     Update these only when the domain name is changed.
      Add a configuration field to change FQDN.
      Allow user to change domain name, then determine the FQDN from it.
      Use FQDN instead of hostname when registering an account.

Sunil Mohan Adapa (68):
      Don't show configuration error when Tor HS is not available
      Update license information about deleted glyphicon files
      Don't add boostrap form to python module dependencies
      Bootstrap change .btn-primary -> .btn .btn-primary
      Bootstrap change .btn-large -> .btn-lg
      Remove incorrect and unnecessary class .glyphicon-white
      Use fire glyphicon for firewall
      Use globe glyphicon for pagekite
      Add missing paragraph closing tag in tor template
      Use bootstap styles for non-full-width tables
      Bootstrap change .label-important -> .label-danger
      Use fluid container for navbar
      Simplify navigation icon styling
      Add screen reader annotation to navigation
      Improve body padding at the top and bottom
      Minor styling changes
      Fix doc link to bootstrap style file
      Fix issue with installing to a different root with --root=
      Clean documentation directory when 'setup.py clean' is run
      Relicense __main__.py to AGPLv3+
      Update copyright information
      Remove copyright information in footer for cleaner apperance
      Remove #! from actions.py as it is not meant to run independently
      Explicitly write license headers for each source file
      Allow more local IP addresses in Apache configuration
      Don't service static files directly from Apache
      Don't preserve Host header during Apache proxying
      Rethink how proxied headers are handled
      Rewrite Apache configuration files
      For SSL redirection, use 301 permanent
      Use margins or <p> instead of <br />
      Fix issue with showing installed status of pagekite
      Rename OwnCloud -> ownCloud
      Use <code> tag for commands
      Minor indentation fixes in templates
      Add missing <p> tags
      Reduce pagekite configuration button size
      Add missing titles to tor and diagnostics pages
      Remove references to editing of users
      Update link to wiki during first boot
      Don't fail setup.py when without coverage module
      Add explicit license from test coverage script
      Move coverage to test dependency and install it properly
      Minor styling fixes for test coverage script
      Remove confusing sidebar message during user creation
      Update UI strings in user module
      Update user module URLS
      Auto-generate model form for user updation
      Show active status in user list, increase delete button size
      Don't mark ContextMixin as abstract
      Sylting updates in user module for consistency
      Refactor templatetags and tests for styling
      Require logged-in user for user administration
      Remove modules 'expert_mode' and 'lib'.
      Minor styling and doc updates related to module cleanup
      Introduce framework for checking/installing packages
      Use package framework for installing ownCloud
      Use package framework for installing firewalld
      Use package framework for installing pagekite
      Use package framework for installing tor
      Use package framework for installing ejabberd and jwchat
      Release 0.4.2
      Release 0.4.3
      Remove symlinks to javascript libraries
      Remove style.css to avoid unsafe links
      Remove empty header and footer documentation files
      Don't generate TODO list from build/ and debian/ dirs
      Release 0.4.4

fonfon (17):
      replaced bootstrap2 by bootstrap3
      adapted tor html table size and added minor validation fixes
      removed bootstrap2 static files
      adapted login form size; fixed wrong path of bootstrap.min.js
      removed js_block: use page_js or app_js instead
      removed unused template forms.html
      updated user-edit/delete texts: we don't have any functionality to
edit users
      show the sidebar with help during first_boot
      moved 'in-app menu' from the sidebar to the top of the content;
some template block renaming
      print coverage at the end of the test; minor pep8 fixes
      Refactored 'users' module
      Fix subsubmenu highlighting bug and add tests
      os.path.commonprefix is suitable for any strings
      removed unused 'title' from subsubmenus
      fixed some flake8 errors
      packagekit: use TemplateView instead of FormView
      bugfix: changing user password didn't work



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