[Freedombox-discuss] Medium Term Roadmap

Marc Jones mjones at softwarefreedom.org
Sun Nov 8 16:07:47 UTC 2015

Dear Mailing list;

After the Halloween Hackathon, several members of the release team
(Sunil, JValleroy, Nick) discussed a road map for the coming months. I
know several people are working on things that are not mentioned in this
brief road map and I very much want to encourage you to continue to work
on them. But I wanted to share the priorities that several core
developers and the Freedombox Foundation have discussed.

We are going to target doing a 0.7 release for November 27th
(Thanksgiving release). In 0.7 we are targeting including some of the
translation work we have been seeing lately. The translation work is
really important because we trying to bring privacy and security to the
whole world not just those of us who happen to speak English. There has
also been a lot of miscellaneous improvements lately that we can get
into a official release. Some of you may have noticed that not
everything shown in Sunil's October 30th demo is in the 0.6

We are targeting mid January for a 0.8 release. The main focus of the
0.8 release is going to be integrate in the PGP based SSL Client
authentication work. We are also hoping to see some improvements in
packaging and improvements to the first time setup process. This should
be done in time for FOSDEM.

We are planning on a 0.9 polish release for late February. This will be
a chance to include things that do not make it into 0.8 release and
general usability improvements to 0.8 release. This should be done in
time for FSF's libreplanet.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to freedombox. We had a lot
of corporate representatives and attorney's attend the October 30th demo
and they were all very impressed. We are clearly building something here
that people are looking for: ease of use and privacy respecting.
Everyone should be really proud of their contributions!

November Hack Call 			- Saturday Nov. 14th 2 PM UTC
0.7 release target (Thanksgiving release) ~ Friday Nov. 27th
November Progress Call 			- Sunday Nov. 29th 6PM UTC
December Hack Call 			- Saturday Dec. 12th 2 PM UTC
December Progress Call 			- Sunday Dec. 27th 6 PM UTC
January Hack Call 			- Saturday Jan. 9th 2 PM UTC
0.8 Release target () 			~ Saturday Jan. 23rd
January Progress Call 			- Sunday Jan. 24rd 6 PM UTC
     * FOSDEM - Saturday Jan. 30 and Sunday Jan. 31st *
February Hack Call 			- Saturday Feb. 13th, 2 PM UTC
February Progress Call 			- Sunday Feb. 28th, 6 PM UTC
0.9 Release target () 			~ Saturday March 5th
March Hack Call 			- Saturday March 12th 2PM UTC
     * LibrePlanet - Saturday March 19th and Sunday March 20th *


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