[Freedombox-discuss] CORRECTION Re: Medium Term Roadmap

Marc Jones mjones at softwarefreedom.org
Sun Nov 8 16:24:30 UTC 2015

Correction: Our November Progress call is on November 20th at 6PM UTC.

On 11/08/2015 11:07 AM, Marc Jones wrote:
> Dear Mailing list;
> After the Halloween Hackathon, several members of the release team
> (Sunil, JValleroy, Nick) discussed a road map for the coming months. I
> know several people are working on things that are not mentioned in this
> brief road map and I very much want to encourage you to continue to work
> on them. But I wanted to share the priorities that several core
> developers and the Freedombox Foundation have discussed.
> We are going to target doing a 0.7 release for November 27th
> (Thanksgiving release). In 0.7 we are targeting including some of the
> translation work we have been seeing lately. The translation work is
> really important because we trying to bring privacy and security to the
> whole world not just those of us who happen to speak English. There has
> also been a lot of miscellaneous improvements lately that we can get
> into a official release. Some of you may have noticed that not
> everything shown in Sunil's October 30th demo is in the 0.6
> We are targeting mid January for a 0.8 release. The main focus of the
> 0.8 release is going to be integrate in the PGP based SSL Client
> authentication work. We are also hoping to see some improvements in
> packaging and improvements to the first time setup process. This should
> be done in time for FOSDEM.
> We are planning on a 0.9 polish release for late February. This will be
> a chance to include things that do not make it into 0.8 release and
> general usability improvements to 0.8 release. This should be done in
> time for FSF's libreplanet.
> Thanks again to everyone who has contributed to freedombox. We had a lot
> of corporate representatives and attorney's attend the October 30th demo
> and they were all very impressed. We are clearly building something here
> that people are looking for: ease of use and privacy respecting.
> Everyone should be really proud of their contributions!
> ==Calendar
> November Hack Call 			- Saturday Nov. 14th 2 PM UTC
> 0.7 release target (Thanksgiving release) ~ Friday Nov. 27th
> November Progress Call 			- Sunday Nov. 29th 6PM UTC
> December Hack Call 			- Saturday Dec. 12th 2 PM UTC
> December Progress Call 			- Sunday Dec. 27th 6 PM UTC
> January Hack Call 			- Saturday Jan. 9th 2 PM UTC
> 0.8 Release target () 			~ Saturday Jan. 23rd
> January Progress Call 			- Sunday Jan. 24rd 6 PM UTC
>      * FOSDEM - Saturday Jan. 30 and Sunday Jan. 31st *
> February Hack Call 			- Saturday Feb. 13th, 2 PM UTC
> February Progress Call 			- Sunday Feb. 28th, 6 PM UTC
> 0.9 Release target () 			~ Saturday March 5th
> March Hack Call 			- Saturday March 12th 2PM UTC
>      * LibrePlanet - Saturday March 19th and Sunday March 20th *
> -Marc

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