[Freedombox-discuss] "Why Johnny Still, Still Can’t Encrypt: Evaluating the Usability of a Modern PGP Client"

Philippe Baret philophil_debian at hyperlecture.net
Tue Nov 10 18:13:28 UTC 2015

>> > The hard work is to refine such claims so that they make specific
>> > predictions, and then *test* those predictions against real people'

>> in my experience, people getting together with some handy hackers can
>> learn how to use gpg in their email with no special difficulty,

> Would it be possible to create standard like FIDO U2F ?:
> Maybe it's possible to use existing HSM standards ?

User speaking, what about a FreedomBox Privacy School. What about 
gathering "QualityAssurance", "Design" and add "First Time Access / 
Learning curve Experience" under a common "User Experience" focus ?

The problem with free software doers and random first-timers is 
cultural. It deals with the notion of time for a product to take root 
and to be familiar. At Debian, this is particularly true. It is all 
right with amateurs willing to fight with themselves, it is not ok with 

It differs from one country to another, but "Customers" are used to no 
brainer products, "Professionals" are willing to take time to handle a 
feature rich product with a primary strong knowledge and sometimes 
premium support, "Amateurs" are willing to learn with few primary 
knowdelge backed by a community support. I guess FreedomBox aims 
traditionnaly Amateurs as a freesoftware and will have to deal with 
Customers as a plug and play product on a paid hardware.

"User Experience" can bring together amateurs and customers with a 
community support (highlighted links to amateur oriented discussion 
tools), a strong link/partnership with some hardware professional 
customer services and a so called "School" to tansform complexity into 
gamification or education.

You can get intentionally a no brainer and very complex product under a 
same flag. Photography products are doing just that.


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