[Freedombox-discuss] Need help with getting start

Dietmar ndcdhimdsa at gmx.de
Thu Nov 26 18:19:01 UTC 2015

Thank you so much, I am in!

What happened was that with nmtui I discovered I had apart of the
Freedombox WAN a "Wired connection" and also a similar double for the
I removed those, restarted the box and can connect to it through the
IP-Address (freedombox.local still does not work).
My guess is, well, on that computer I did a fresh install with a testing
CD including XFCE. I then made sure that the computer was working,
including setting up the wired and WLAN connection. I then upgraded to
SID, checked the system and then installed the freedombox. Because I had
XFCE installed in the first place the network manager already knew the
eth and WLAN and the box _added_ his. For the connection the device
picked the first, which was the wrong one. I should have followed the
hint "do a fresh install" by the letter and just with a very basic
Debian w/o display manager.

So again, thanks, I will surely need more help when I get going (and
maybe I will have learnt to use IRC by then).

Am Donnerstag, den 26.11.2015, 18:36 +0530 schrieb Sunil Mohan Adapa:

> On 11/26/2015 12:52 AM, ndcd wrote:
> > Thanks for the feedback. Now I have the IP address, but still no
> > connection to the freedombox.
> > I started Iceweasel without add-ins to make sure any of them does not
> > interfere.
> > Going to the IP-Address gives a 
> > "Unable to connect
> [...]
> > Maybe this gives a clue:
> > $ nmap -p 80 --open -sV --system-dns
> [...]
> > So it finds something, is it just my router it finds? 
> > Interestingly, as sudo it says "3 hosts up".
> > 
> > My configuration is in a star, i.e. the freedombox (sid) is connected
> > via LAN to the router and the other PC (Jessie) via WLAN to that router. 
> > Could it be my router is blocking something?
> > How can I detect, if the necessary services are running on the freedombox?
> > 
> > EDIT: I just found out I can do an SSH to the freedombox:
> [...]
> > And then I'm in.
> > But how do I get to Plinth? Is this Iceweasel blocking something?
> You are able to connect to FreedomBox machine, this means that
> FreedomBox has its network configured and the network elements like
> routers and cables are fine. Router is not blocking all traffic between
> your machine2 and FreedomBox.
> You are unable to access FreedomBox web interfaces, so that could be:
> Your network interface is not added to proper firewall zone.
> $ firewall-cmd --list-all-zones
> will show the your network interface is not in 'external' or 'internal'
> zone.  This is in turn because network connection created by FreedomBox
> setup is not being used.
> $ nmcli device
> will show that your device is 'unmanaged' or has a connection like
> 'Wired Connection 1' instead of 'FreedomBox *'.  This could be because
> of two reasons.
> You have not cleared out /etc/network/interfaces file as described in
> the Wiki Manual.  If this is the case, clear out all the sections except
> for 'lo' section and reboot.  It should look like:
> auto lo
>     iface lo inet loopback
> Or your network interface changed after running freedombox-setup
> (unlikely).  In this case, fire up network manager text based interface
> and configure a connection with zone = 'external' or 'internal'.
> $ nmtui
> ==> Apache may not be running (unlikely)
> $ systemctl status apache2
> will show the status.
> In case things don't work, post the output of the above commands.
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