[Freedombox-discuss] Need help with getting start

Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Thu Nov 26 13:06:00 UTC 2015

On 11/26/2015 12:52 AM, ndcd wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback. Now I have the IP address, but still no
> connection to the freedombox.
> I started Iceweasel without add-ins to make sure any of them does not
> interfere.
> Going to the IP-Address gives a 
> "Unable to connect
> Maybe this gives a clue:
> $ nmap -p 80 --open -sV --system-dns
> So it finds something, is it just my router it finds? 
> Interestingly, as sudo it says "3 hosts up".
> My configuration is in a star, i.e. the freedombox (sid) is connected
> via LAN to the router and the other PC (Jessie) via WLAN to that router. 
> Could it be my router is blocking something?
> How can I detect, if the necessary services are running on the freedombox?
> EDIT: I just found out I can do an SSH to the freedombox:
> And then I'm in.
> But how do I get to Plinth? Is this Iceweasel blocking something?

You are able to connect to FreedomBox machine, this means that
FreedomBox has its network configured and the network elements like
routers and cables are fine. Router is not blocking all traffic between
your machine2 and FreedomBox.

You are unable to access FreedomBox web interfaces, so that could be:

Your network interface is not added to proper firewall zone.

$ firewall-cmd --list-all-zones

will show the your network interface is not in 'external' or 'internal'
zone.  This is in turn because network connection created by FreedomBox
setup is not being used.

$ nmcli device

will show that your device is 'unmanaged' or has a connection like
'Wired Connection 1' instead of 'FreedomBox *'.  This could be because
of two reasons.

You have not cleared out /etc/network/interfaces file as described in
the Wiki Manual.  If this is the case, clear out all the sections except
for 'lo' section and reboot.  It should look like:

auto lo
    iface lo inet loopback

Or your network interface changed after running freedombox-setup
(unlikely).  In this case, fire up network manager text based interface
and configure a connection with zone = 'external' or 'internal'.

$ nmtui

==> Apache may not be running (unlikely)

$ systemctl status apache2

will show the status.

In case things don't work, post the output of the above commands.


> PS: sorry Sunil for sending to your mail address instead of to the list

No problem, I don't mind.

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