[Freedombox-discuss] [urgent] Wiki screenshot for use in presentation?

Nico Rikken nico at nicorikken.eu
Fri Nov 27 07:59:08 UTC 2015

Hello FreedomBox team,

I'll be giving a presentation this weekend at T-Dose, a Dutch FOSS
conference. It's about the future heading of the (F)OSS community, and
I'd like to highlight FreedomBox's ease of use as an example (having
seen it from the SFLC presentation).

Can I use a crop of the ownCloud screenshot in my CC BY-SA 4.0 licensed

More information regarding the presentation:

And a work-in-progress set of slides:

Sorry for requesting in such a short timeframe.

Kind regards,
Nico Rikken (NL)
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