[Freedombox-discuss] We speak about Free Software (was: [urgent] Wiki screenshot for use in presentation?)

Max Sievers mms at max-sievers.name
Fri Nov 27 08:28:48 UTC 2015

Am Freitag, 27. November 2015, 08:59:08 schrieb Nico Rikken:
> More information regarding the presentation:
> http://www.t-dose.org/2015/talks/open-source-has-won-now-what

| Choosing Open Source for cost reduction is a limited view

No shit, mate! That is because Open Source Software is in most cases Free Software. Proprietary software is an insult to its users. When you are using it, you degrade yourself. It's about the freedom. So let's dare to say "Free Software" and throw the Open Source movement in the bin!

See also: https://fsfe.org/documents/whyfs.en.html

Yours sincerely,
Max Moritz Sievers

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