[Freedombox-discuss] System Diagnostics and Tor Control Panel: Expected output and status?

Ralf Barkow ralf.barkow at web.de
Sun Oct 4 15:26:42 UTC 2015

Dear freedombox-discuss list members

I think I might currently best contribute something to the FreedomBox
project in the field of technical documentation in order to create
confidence in the devices created with it.

At the beginning I try to find out if my box is configured correctly.
I would love to collect input for a guide on how to bring back the
device into a working state.

So, I'm looking for information regarding troubleshooting, i.e., the
expected status of a FreedomBox, its diagnostic test results looked at
by means of plinth, and input for step-by-step instructions to get a
FreedomBox back into expected state.

To start with the Tor Control Panel, what is the expected status? "Tor
is not running"? And, what is the expected output of the system
diagnostic test?

Thanks and
Best regards,

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