[Freedombox-discuss] Trouble booting .6 on Dreamplug

Jack Wilborn jkwilborn at gmail.com
Fri Oct 23 17:44:35 UTC 2015

Hi, be away a while, so I downloaded both the 8-10 and 10-18 images for the
Dreamplug and checked them with gpg.

Used 'dd' to write them to the usd card inside the box, where I usually use
it...  It seems to boot ok, until it runs btrfs, then appears, maybe a
loop, but drops out with an error.  Seems to be saying it can not find

I'm suspicious that maybe the environment settings have changed and hoped
someone would send me a printenv list of a working dreamplug.  After that
I'll have to look elsewhere as it appears to be running on other
dreamplugs.  I've tried some of the changes in the boot line with system=@,
so something, but no changes.

I do have the rest of the log file from screen, if required.  And, of
course, I do have a JTAG box....

Thanks to all...

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