[Freedombox-discuss] Wiki content proposals

Philippe Baret philophil_debian at hyperlecture.net
Sat Oct 31 12:50:42 UTC 2015


adviced by Sunil, i am working on the french translation of the 
FreedomBox user manual (open document on wiki). The second step should 
be Plinth translation. My main background is a mix of journalism and 
online editing (previous fields set in chronological order : religion, 
justice, travel, law & public services, high stakes poker).

FreedomBox vision encounters easiness. Here are some proposals to help 
to reach that goal through the wiki media by filling a gap between geek 
culture and less techsavy people. This could potentially help also to 
attract some potential translators and content creators.

1  Users Questions & Answers page.
2  Users stories page.
3  FreedomBox Journal page.
4  seo approach.

FreedomBox Portal structure to integrate that.

what are your thoughts ?

Best regards,

details :

1  Q&A: i will launch it while i am installing myself the box for the 
first time (meaning now), asking basic questions on the list.

2  STORIES: shows exemples of use : what is the box for, which tools are 
used, link to projects.

3  JOURNAL: should give FreedomBox an extra visibility and a step 
towards non technical people. System : speeches transcripts and 
translations, home made interviews in english (translated in french 
eventually). For instance, first interviews are focusing on the one who 
launched this project and the current leader. Then, they each one are 
providing two names for interview, and so one, in order to get a content 
according to the founder and current leader "mental world". Journal is 
also opened to quality publications by people.

4 SEO : help a discussion on which users are a priority thanks to 
consistent keywords brainstorms.

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