[Freedombox-discuss] DynDNS password eaten

Michael info at fonfon.at
Thu Apr 21 08:28:27 UTC 2016

About all applications seeming to be uninstalled:
The problem could be that Plinth couldn't locate the plinth.sqlite3
database and created a new one. Then all packages seem to be uninstalled
although they are actually installed.

@others, is there a (non-idempodent) dyndns installation routine that
was run twice and could have caused a problem? Looking at the Plinth
module and action script I didn't see anything suspicious though.

On 2016-04-21 09:27, mray wrote:
> I can't reach my FreedomBox from the outside anymore, DynDNS fails me.
> After an automatic update to Plinth 0.9.1 all applications that I used
> seemed to be uninstalled. I managed to setup everithing but DynDNS.
> It worked before, and I mde sure the password I provide is right. Maybe
> the password does not get saved correctly (was an issue at some time ago!)
> What could be going on? I'm glad for helpful directions.
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