[Freedombox-discuss] Kernel panic oom

heynmoeller heynmoeller at gmx.net
Sat Dec 17 11:45:35 UTC 2016

Hey all,
 my fbx  died.
When my installation is booted from pc instead the box (a hp thin client), I can login and investigate the error. After successful login I watched journalctl -xb as advised by emergency boot process. There I watched oom_reaper killing a lot of different processes ending with an kernel panic - not syncing: Out of memory and no killable processes ...
Between the out_of_memory... message and the last statement are the most messages about btrfs.
Next I will check btrfs from booting my destop pc and chroot inside.

Maybe some one has an advice or a hint how to solve or whats the problem.

Memtest was yesterday running for five hours. RAM is clean. I assume its the filesystem or maybe the disk.

Anyone else kernel panics at the Moment?
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