[Freedombox-discuss] Internet Widgits Pty Ltd?

dgj+lists at systemli.org dgj+lists at systemli.org
Wed Dec 21 16:48:49 UTC 2016


When setting up the XMPP client Jitsi, I get a message that the 
certificate is not trusted.

I generated the TLS certificate using Let's Encrrypt within Plinth.

When I view the certificate, I see the organization it is issued to and 
by is "Internet Widgits Pty Ltd." When I look up who "Internet Widgits 
Pty Ltd" is, I find, e.g., 

"Internet Widgits Pty Ltd is a software publisher located in Some-State, 
Australia*. The publisher primarily developes software that can be 
classified as adware. Thre are 18 additional code signing certificates 
issued to this publisher."

I have not accepted the certificate. Is it unsafe?


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