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Sunil Mohan Adapa sunil at medhas.org
Fri Jan 15 18:22:19 UTC 2016

On Saturday 09 January 2016 10:48 PM, Marc Jones wrote:
> I create a page with my notes from the call here
> (https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/ProgressCalls/2016.0901)
> Basically the idea for the site is to present a general overiew, a brief
> quick start getting a single board computer up and running with OwnCloud
> and maybe Mumble or Privoxy.

The part about getting started should have the singular goal of showing
potential users that it is not too complex to start using FreedomBox.
After jotting down such process, if it looks complex, then this purpose
is not fullfilled.  In such as case, this section should be avoided
altogether.  In its place, we can have a link to Quick Start Guide on
the Wiki instead.

> We also want to show off/present the range of functions that a
> Freedombox does too. We are still talking about a good visual way to
> present the features of a Freedombox, but we want to start by
> brainstorming a list of features or roles that a Freedombox has. This
> should be a wide range of features that presents the range of roles that
> a Freedombox can do. The final version we present on the landing page
> won't be a complete list, but it should be a representative list to show
> people the possibilities.
> So to start off, here is my list of features/Roles that FreedomBox has:
> * Secure and Anonymous Networking - (tor, openvpn)
> * Privacy Protection - (tor, privoxy)
> * Web Hosting - Tor Hidden services, Dynamic DNS, PageKit)
> * Calendar and FileSharing - Owncloud
> * Voice Communication - Mumble
> * Webpage and Wiki - Ikiwiki
> * Secure Wireless Router -
> * Personal Home server
> What other roles or features does Freedombox have? or What other ways
> can you describe/think about what Freedombox can do?

I think listing all the functions/roles of FreedomBox will
confuse/distract the user.  It is better to talk about at most 3-5
functions and say 'many more'.

* Wireless router
* Secure and anonymous networking
* Privacy protection
* Private cloud (file/calender/contacts sharing)
* Many more apps (voice chat, wiki etc.)

We don't have to talk about the specific applications and instead focus
on the use case.  They are also better represented diagramatically if we
have the development bandwidth do it.

If I understand correctly, this is along the lines (but may be not
enough) of Robert's suggestion that we focus on core use and at the same
time give an overal picture.


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