[Freedombox-discuss] A project to co-operate with?

Matthias Weiler weiler.matthias at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 07:54:17 UTC 2016

On 2016-07-17 23:03, Sandy Harris wrote:
> https://github.com/Librerouter
> Part of their librerouter project is librekernel":
> The aim of the project is to remove from the Linux kernel any software
> that does not include its source code, has its source code obfuscated,
> or is released under proprietary licenses."
This is exactly what linux-libre does and they actually reference it. So 
I assume they plan to use that kernel (which is used by Libre GNU/Linux 
Distributions. (Trisquel, gNewSense,..))

> The distros they appear to support are Debian & derivatives.
Looking at the "app-installation-script.sh" it checks the distribution 
you're running and adds unofficial repositories to your system. I think 
the way of FreedomBox to upstream everything is far more sustainable.
> Sounds to me like something the FB project should adopt.
If they use Debian as a base, they'll profit from the work that the 
FreedomBox Project did. For now the only way to adopt something from 
that project is to look at their configuration and try to learn from it.

And by doing that I found an interesting piece of config. They use one 
IP address per service. I thought that's a nice idea. This makes the 
URLs shorter.
>        librerouter.local
>      yacy.local
>      friendica.local
>      owncloud.local
>      mailpile.local
Can you think of any downsides of such a config?


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