[Freedombox-discuss] Challenges with Tiny Tiny RSS (tt-rss)

Stacy Cockrum scockrum at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 13:00:22 UTC 2016

I've been having challenges with installing and using tt-rss.  At first, 
I tried to install the application through the FreedomBox interface with 
no success.  For whatever reason, when the "Enable application" box was 
checked and the "Update setup" button was clicked, it would act like the 
application was being installed. However, after the installation was 
"completed," the "Enable application" box wouldn't stay checked and when 
the /ttrss link was follow, a dialogue box was first displayed to enter 
the FreedomBox userid and password.  After entering the credentials and 
hitting enter, an error is displayed indicating the page could not be 

As a last resort, I ssh'd into the FreedomBox, purged the tt-rss 
application and then installed the application via command line. This 
time the "Enable application" stayed checked and a Diagnostic showed 
everything passing.  Now, the FreedomBox login in is being encountered 
every time the browser is launched for the first time during a new 
session.  This is also making it so the tt-rss android app cannot access 
the page.  An "Error-401 unauthorized" is being returned.

Any help that can be offered is appreciated.

Thank you.

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