[Freedombox-discuss] PageKite use for personal website

euomu euomu at inventati.org
Sat May 7 18:51:15 UTC 2016


Please help using PageKite.

I can access my website at https://my_ip/website's_folder.
I created a Kite in Plinth (Public Visibility(PageKite)) with the
following configuration:
Server Domain: pagekite.net
Server port: 80
Kite name: myname.pagekite.me
Kitesecret: secret

Standard services: I enabled both http and https

A blank page is displayed when I access http(s)://myname.pagekite.me .

Can anyone please indicate how to:
1. Make my website (/var/www/html/mywebsite)visible using PageKite (is
it possible from Plinth or should I use the command line?)
2. Create sub-kite (from Plinth?)

Please let me know if you received this email. Thank you!

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