[Freedombox-discuss] PageKite use for personal website

Michael info at fonfon.at
Mon May 9 18:04:49 UTC 2016

On 2016-05-07 20:51, euomu wrote:
> Hi,
> A blank page is displayed when I access http(s)://myname.pagekite.me .
> Can anyone please indicate how to:
> 1. Make my website (/var/www/html/mywebsite)visible using PageKite (is
> it possible from Plinth or should I use the command line?)
> 2. Create sub-kite (from Plinth?)


when you access http(s)://myname.pagekite.me you should see exactly the
same as when you access https://freedombox_ip. By default that's the
Plinth (freedombox web-admin interface) login page. Do you see that when
accessing your IP without any sub-folder?

Once that works every sub-folder that works locally (like
freedomboxip/foldername) should work via pagekite also (like
myname.pagekite.me/foldername). So if it's working via your IP address
already, all that's missing is to set up Pagekite correctly.

Your setup looks good, could you please post (or link to) the content of
/var/log/pagekite/pagekite.log, at least the last part of one connection
attempt when enabling pagekite (enabling pagekite)?

By sub-kite do you mean subdomains (like myapp.myname.pagekite.me)?
In this case you can use the 'Custom Services' page to set them up --
but disable the standard services first.

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