[Freedombox-discuss] cannot connect using openvpn

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Sun May 29 13:36:18 UTC 2016


I have been lurking on the list for many years now but this is my first 
time writing. I consider myself a GNU/Linux newbie, although I have been 
using Debian for years and can generally solve my problems by using a 
search engine and a lot of patience. The issues I am having connecting 
to OpenVPN on my FreedomBox I cannot figure out.

I found this discussion from January and followed the instructions in 
the link there, to no avail:


When I copy and paste the certificates, etc., load them, and try to 
connect using either the public IP address of my FreedomBox or the 
GnuDIP address as the gateway, no connection happens. It times out.

Note that I have opened the port 1194 on my home router allowing both 
TCP and UDP connections. Port 1194 points to the local IP of the 
FreedomBox. I also tried connecting to the FreedomBox using custom 
gateway port 443 (as suggested on some forum -- I can find the link if 
it helps) but the result was the same.

In another attempt, if I try to add the .ovpn file via Network Manager 
by selecting "Import a saved VPN connection" Network Manager crashes.

The most promising attempt was by connecting using openvpn from the 
terminal. Note that I did not change anything in the ovpn file.

sudo openvpn --config freedombox.ovpn

It appears to connect with the message "Initialization Sequence 
Completed" in the terminal but then I try to connect and have no 
internet connection at all. As soon as I quit openvpn, my internet 
connection comes back.

I am running Debian 8 "Jessie".

I hope this information is useful and someone here can lend a hand 
figuring out how to use OpenVPN. I intend to update the manual if I can 
get it working, since there is little to no information currently re 
OpenVPN and I would like to give back to such a wonderful project in 
whatever small way I can.

Warm regards,

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