[Freedombox-discuss] Starting Freedombox - again

Dietmar ndcdhimdsa at gmx.de
Mon May 30 18:37:49 UTC 2016

I am back to the roots. As I think I ruined my installation of
Freedombox (only ikiwiki was working in the end), I decided to set up a
new box. 
The hardware remains the Olinux Lime (1 not 2), I used the image of
LIME2 with FBx 0.7. As instructed, I unpacked the file and dd the image
to the micro-SD card (through a USB adapter). That went okay. Because
the card can hold 32G (SDHC type), I used GParted to increase the 2nd
partition (btrfs) to max size. The first partition was type ext2. Next I
unplugged the box, plugged the LAN cable (other end in my router),
inserted the micro-SD, plugged in power supply. Now I have been waiting
for 1 hour but cannot access the box.
nmap just shows the port 80 of the router (there is still port
forwarding etc. set), nor anything in the DHCP entry of my router (just
lists my main computer).

So at the moment I am not sure if the setup is completed.
I can remove the micro-SD card to check the log files to see if anything
went wrong.

So I am again at the beginning (and frustrated that the instruction I
took during my first go do not work), how to start. 

Again, I am happy for any support
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