[Freedombox-discuss] FYI - how to install Cockpit web (UI) service to fbx

heynmoeller heynmoeller at gmx.net
Wed Aug 9 08:29:53 UTC 2017


cockpit was packaged for Debian on backports, I give it a try on fbx.
This is what I've done.

About Cockpit http://cockpit-project.org/running.html

Install Cockpit from Debian Backports to Freedombox:


I assume backports is a source in /etc/apt/sources.list!

:~$ sudo apt install cockpit
:~$ sudo systemctl start cockpit
:~$ sudo systemctl enable cockpit

Configure Freedombox Firewall for Accessing Cockpit:

s:~$ sudo firewall-cmd --reload

Reload of firewalld seems to be needed to know/recognize cockpit as a


Allow Service Cockpit in Internal Firewall Zone

:~$ sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=internal --add-service=cockpit

Start the cockpit with:

After Freedombox was rebooted and the check box for reusing the
credentials for administrative tasks was used, logs can be read by cockpit.

At the moment there is no integration into Freedombox (as a Service) yet.
A Plinth-Module needs to be build for further integration; if needed/wanted!

Features I like to use with cockpit: web-console and viewing logs (with
filters), administrate, managing and have a look to my NAS.

Maybe someone find it useful

Have a nice day

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