[Freedombox-discuss] Prospective packages for FreedomBox

Daddy daddy at autistici.org
Sat Dec 2 09:57:52 UTC 2017


I see some of them are already included / in the process of being
integrated (privoxy, ttrss, transmission, jabber, syncthing, ...) -
let's see if this brings up the discussion about others.

I guess everyone would love to see the email server integrated - what
else is on the list?

Also, if I remeber correctly, there's a list of considered applications
on the wiki - would be great to update it with the apps from this list.


On 01.12.2017 12:00, Joseph Nuthalapati wrote:
> Sorry for just dumping the list. Here's a well-compiled gist with
> proper links and formatting.
> https://gist.github.com/JosephKiranBabu/4cfe79614657ac1b5c54f691f736688a
> --
> Joseph Nuthalapati
> On Friday 01 December 2017 04:05 PM, Joseph Nuthalapati wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I took the list of packages from
>> https://github.com/Kickball/awesome-selfhosted and ran a script to
>> determine which of them are available on Debian testing. I used the
>> `apt show` command for this and maybe had a lot of false negatives,
>> but the 85 packages I got out of the list is still something to look
>> forward to. Here is the list of packages I got. We can consider
>> integrating some of them for FreedomBox in the future. ['awstats',
>> 'goaccess', 'medusa', 'rss-bridge', 'triggerhappy', 'pluxml',
>> 'wordpress', 'calendarserver', 'calypso', 'davical', 'gnunet',
>> 'mumble', 'ring', 'synapse', 'syndie', 'tox', 'postal',
>> 'courier-mta', 'exim', 'maildrop', 'opensmtpd', 'postfix', 'qmail',
>> 'sendmail', 'dovecot', 'piler', 'mailman', 'postal', 'schleuder',
>> 'sympa', 'imp', 'roundcube', 'weechat', 'znc', 'asterisk',
>> 'kamailio', 'diaspora*', 'isso', 'ejabberd', 'pico', 'spip',
>> 'wordpress', 'cups', 'rss2email', 'git-annex', 'samba',
>> 'sparkleshare', 'syncthing', 'unison', 'z-push', 'transmission',
>> 'coquelicot', 'onionshare', 'guacamole', 'horde', 'sogo', 'moodle',
>> 'mopidy', 'mpd', 'crtmpserver', 'flumotion', 'rygel', 'zoneminder',
>> 'geneweb', 'infinoted', 'gist', 'mediagoblin', 'photoshow', 'plumi',
>> 'iodine', 'pound', 'privoxy', 'squid', 'tinyproxy', 'searx',
>> 'fossil', 'gitlab', 'klaus', 'trac', 'jenkins', 'taskwarrior',
>> 'otrs', 'dokuwiki', 'gitit', 'mediawiki']
>> -- Joseph Nuthalapati
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