[Freedombox-discuss] Prospective packages for FreedomBox

A. F. Cano afc at shibaya.lonestar.org
Sat Dec 2 21:44:36 UTC 2017

On Sat, Dec 02, 2017 at 10:57:52AM +0100, Daddy wrote:
>    Cool!
>    I see some of them are already included / in the process of being
>    integrated (privoxy, ttrss, transmission, jabber, syncthing, ...) - let's
>    see if this brings up the discussion about others.
>    I guess everyone would love to see the email server integrated - what else


>    is on the list?

I would really really like Shaarli to come back.  It was the first
application I used way back then but it was removed apparently because
of upgrade/dependency incompatibilities.  It also has an android app
(shaarlier) that works with it.

I've also been using unison for years.  It would be nice if unison could
be supported seamlessly on the freedombox and be the hub for the
internal network.  Or is syncthing the modern replacement of unison?

Finally, I've been thinking of seamless integration of the following:

o Notes/Lists.  I use BasKet (a KDE application that allows creation of
  multiple note pads.)  It would be nice if those could be
  synchronizable the way calendars, to-do lists and address books can be
  via radicale/cardDAV/calDAV, DAVdroid and Korganizer/Kaddressbook.  So
  far I haven't found an android app (on F-droid - I don't do google)
  that can talk to BasKet and sync the way DAVdroid does.  Moving data
  files around, the way unison does, has issues if both get updated
  independently.  I've looked into KDEconnect but since my wifi (and
  therefore the phone) is in a different network than the internal
  machines, it doesn't connect.  It's possible there is some setting
  to correct this but I haven't found it yet.  The notes apps I've found
  on F-droid don't seem DAV capable, so it looks like the only way to
  sync those would be copying data files around.  Too manual and too
  much hassle unless that way can be automated.  Maybe syncthing can
  do this?

o Pictures/Videos.  What is the best way to do this? Is copying files
  manually the only way?  Adb and presumably KDEconnect once I get it to
  work could be one way, but there must be an easier/more automated way.
  Any ideas/comments? Is syncthing the answer to this?

o Time Tracker data.  I've been using Ktimetracker but that too seems
  to be totally self-contained.  It would be nice if some android time
  tracker could talk to it.  I've installed "A Time Tracker" on the phone
  but that too is self-contained.  Updating the Ktimetracker data file
  between machines (such as with unison) fails more often than not since
  both machines update it independently.  Not a good solution.  It's
  likely that the ultimate solution is to keep the data in one place
  (the freedombox) and all the clients would updata that file/dbs.
  Any suggestions?  At the very least importing the Ktimetracker
  categories would be nice.

o Shopping lists.  I've recently started looking into Krecipes.  Very
  powerful software that also deals with shopping lists but I haven't
  found yet if it talks some standard protocol or to any android
  shopping list app.  Ideally the shopping lists generated by Krecipes
  would get sychronized with the shopping list android app.  I've
  installed OI shopping list on the phone but it seems to be totally
  self-contained.  Any ideas about how to do this in an automated way?

To summarize, it would be ideal if the data from all the applications
above (or similar) could be synchronized automatically between the KDE
apps and the android apps on the phone the way calendar, to-do lists and
address books get synchronized via DAVdroid, the native android
calendar/tasks/address book apps, the KDE programs and radicale.

Any suggestions? Software I haven't found? configurations for what I
have found?




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