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Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Sun Dec 3 16:24:27 UTC 2017

Quoting Marc Draco (2017-12-03 16:28:35)
> I know the PI isn't everyone's idea of an ideal hosting server (it's not mine, but it's what i have).
> However, I have managed to get Freedombox working beautifully on the latest Raspbian Stretch which was released by the foundation just a few days ago.
> Some of the documentation on the current site is a little out of date regarding this (and also confusing). At one point I was (in my ignorance of Debian) chasing a copy of Sid to make it run. Now that sounds daft if you're in the know as it were, but it's the sort of stumbling block that would put many off.
> I'm a happy to make an image for the Pi but I could use a little guidance as to where to start, etc. The worst part for me is the size of the default FS since Raspbian auto-sizes. I guess I could reduce it to fit (say) 8gb but that's less than ideal.

FreedomBox is part of Debian, not Raspbian.

Great if you are interested in testing _FreedomBox (i.e. Debian-based) 
on Raspbian hardware, and help improve the FredomBox documentation 
(hint: it's a wiki and you are most welcome to create an account and 
help edit).

If instead you want to make something _like_ FreedomBox work on Raspbian 
then I guess that is great too - but please discuss that with the 
developers of Raspbian which is not here.

Hope that helps :-)

 - Jonas

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