[Freedombox-discuss] Freedombox on Raspberry PI

Marc Draco marcdraco at protonmail.com
Sun Dec 3 20:45:18 UTC 2017

Thank you Jonas (sorry if I format this email in the wrong way, it's been a while since I collaborated on a maillist & sorry for that other cockup!) .

I'm quite annoyed with the Raspberry Pi foundation right now - binary blobs were bad enough but teaming up with Google was the last straw. Anyway, you don't need me ranting about that here.

I've posted instructions (modified from the web page) for people with Raspbian to get Freedombox setup based on the new Stretch so that might be enough.

I don't believe (but correct me if I'm wrong) that we can get pure Debian for the Pi? If that is possible, that would be my preferred route as I'd like to prepare a couple of images that are ready to run.

Privoxy looks like a good candidate to pre-install and pre-configure since it looks like it only needs a single IP fixing which can be done from SED, presumably, so when the device connects over DHCP, the user is ready to connect.

If anyone on the list can help with a proxy autoconfiguration, that could really help too. Even a pointer to learn how to do it!

I'll see if I can navigate the Wiki when I get home and make those changes.

If there is a pure Debian for the Pi, I'd use that in preference - when I find my glasses...
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