[Freedombox-discuss] Google DNS in BIND?

Marc Draco marcdraco at protonmail.com
Mon Dec 4 01:04:49 UTC 2017

> why not just set up BIND with root hints? that way the only time it will query google, is
> when looking for something on its infrastructure.

That's an interesting point  but tn the spirit of FreedomBox, which is to get us all as far away from Google, etc. as possible, I would prefer using a system which exists for the public's good and just giving Google the bird. This one for example:

I guess I'm something of an extremist where Google is concerned after watching it devolve from a pretty cool search engine into a money making steamroller that will stop at nothing (including not playing by the rules) to achieve its goals.

I see no reason why anything in FreedomBox should rely on anything Google does, serves or is otherwise connected to. If users choose to run on non-free hardware (I am myself right now as a matter of necessity, not choice) that's one thing, but if purity counts, we need to throw Big Data [collection] under the bus everywhere we see it.

It's a matter of principal for me and I'm sure we won't all agree so I hope that doesn't come over as being contrarian for the sake of it.

Certainly as things are seeing Google's DNS pop up hard coded into the basic installation was a bit of a disappointment. I guess I could raise an Issue over at Github but I'm barely working out how modern C compilers work, never mind source control! :)

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