[Freedombox-discuss] Google DNS in BIND?

Daddy daddy at autistici.org
Mon Dec 4 08:31:53 UTC 2017

Aaah, for a while, it looked like you are talking to yourself ;) - the
reply from keastes at gmail.com didn't go to the list (nor did my previous
reply to your mail..).

I agree that considering the mission statement of the Freedombox:
/"it provides online communication tools *respecting your privacy**and
data ownership*. You can use FreedomBox at home to *replace services
provided by third-parties mining your life and using your content.*"/

usage of the "services" (honeypots) of any big known offenders in this
area should be considered a bug or at least very-nice-not-to-haves.

prism-break.org has following to say about Google DNS:

"/Google Public DNS permanently logs your ISP and location information
for analysis. Your ip-address is also stored for 24 hours./"

and offers following alternatives:
nsupdate.info <https://prism-break.org/en/projects/nsupdateinfo/>
OpenNIC <https://prism-break.org/en/projects/opennic/>


PS: Is prism-break.org considered reputable source in these circles?

On 04.12.2017 02:56, Marc Draco wrote:
> I already changed mine, that was pretty easy, even for me. :)
> I've raised it as a possible issue at GitHub and when I find my
> glasses (!) and the time to delve into that little bit of code, I'll
> do one of those pull request thing-a-ma-bobs. :)
> I completely take your point about being beholden to Google (or not)
> though.
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>> Subject: Re: [Freedombox-discuss] Google DNS in BIND?
>> Local Time: 4 December 2017 1:49 AM
>> UTC Time: 4 December 2017 01:49
>> From: keastes at gmail.com
>> To: Marc Draco <marcdraco at protonmail.com>
>> On Sun, Dec 3, 2017 at 6:04 PM, Marc Draco <marcdraco at protonmail.com
>> <mailto:marcdraco at protonmail.com>> wrote:
>>     > why not just set up BIND with root hints? that way the only time it will query google, is
>>     > when looking for something on its infrastructure.
>>     That's an interesting point  but tn the spirit of FreedomBox,
>>     which is to get us all as far away from Google, etc. as possible,
>>     I would prefer using a system which exists for the public's good
>>     and just giving Google the bird. This one for example:
>>     https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenNIC
>>     <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenNIC>
>>     I guess I'm something of an extremist where Google is concerned
>>     after watching it devolve from a pretty cool search engine into a
>>     money making steamroller that will stop at nothing (including not
>>     playing by the rules) to achieve its goals.
>>     I see no reason why anything in FreedomBox should rely on
>>     anything Google does, serves or is otherwise connected to. If
>>     users choose to run on non-free hardware (I am myself right now
>>     as a matter of necessity, not choice) that's one thing, but if
>>     purity counts, we need to throw Big Data [collection] under the
>>     bus everywhere we see it.
>> communicating with !=relying on, for instance there are a number of
>> services that rely on google cloud compute, simply because they are
>> the cheapest/only option for their use caseor, it would cost them too
>> much to move. It doesn't make them bad, simply vulnerable to google.
>>     It's a matter of principal for me and I'm sure we won't all agree
>>     so I hope that doesn't come over as being contrarian for the sake
>>     of it.
>>     Certainly as things are seeing Google's DNS pop up hard coded
>>     into the basic installation was a bit of a disappointment.
>> google DNS is one of those ones that tends to "just work" there are
>> other DNS providers that work (level3 comes to mind right off the bat.) 
>>     I guess I could raise an Issue over at Github but I'm barely
>>     working out how modern C compilers work, never mind source
>>     control! :)
>>  sounds more like a config thing, if you know the service using it,
>> go poke in /etc/ for its setting file, change to DNS of your choice,
>> and restart the service. no its not the most beginner friendly thing,
>> but understanding how the system works is almost never a bad thing.
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