[Freedombox-discuss] Matrix server + Riot client ? How to ?

mray mail at mray.de
Mon Jun 26 13:31:31 UTC 2017

On 26.06.2017 12:55, Pierre L. wrote:
> Hey,
> Is there somewhere a tuto how to config the Riot client, to connect to a
> FreedomBox homeserver ?
> Already tried some different keys, not find the good one !
> Nothing found really helpful in this case :s (first time I'm using this
> software)
> And online doc° is sadly empty.
> If I'm not wrong, serverside, we need to open/redirect TCP 8448 to our
> LAN fbx ??
> Many thx for your light :)

If I'm not mistaken you have to point your browser to your FreedomBox
domain and just create an account. I was surprised that this works
seemingly without restriction. But it worked for me.

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