[Freedombox-discuss] Matrix server + Riot client ? How to ?

Pierre L. petrus at miosweb.mooo.com
Tue Jun 27 09:08:13 UTC 2017

Thx Joseph for your message,

1. With the command netstat -lpn, the server is only listening on port
*TCP 8448*. (it can be useful to read it on the doc° ;)
On the Matrix website, we can read about 8448, no TCP/UDP... :s

2. Riot got a lot of useful answers.
But I don't understand if I need to create an account :
- on the Riot website,
- on my freedombox matrix server (by selecting the option "personal
- use my existing freedombox user/client account (the one I'm using to
log in on all freedombox services...)

3. When I browse https://mydomainfr:8448, it's not the Let's Encrypt
certificate already made with fbx... it's sadly a self-signed certificate :s
Matrix-synapse config file look like not set up to use LE certificate.


Hi Pierre,

Looks like Matrix is missing from the Features page on the FreedomBox
wiki. I have corrected that.

This is the wiki page for the Matrix Synapse server.

Things like opening ports on the firewall will be taken care of during
installation of the Matrix Synapse server on the FreedomBox.

Please visit the Riot help pages as well for specific help on Riot.

Hope that helps.

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