[Freedombox-discuss] sshd on non-standard port?

Jonas Smedegaard jonas at jones.dk
Wed Mar 15 17:11:21 UTC 2017

Quoting Aaron Ferrucci (2017-03-15 17:30:00)
> Hi all,
> I see thousands of ssh login attempts on my freedombox. I've disabled
> password login, so I think I'm pretty secure, but the attacks are
> wasting cycles and filling my log files.
> I've configured sshd to use a non-standard port (security by
> obscurity) - I think that would reduce or eliminate the attacks - but
> I believe the firewall is now getting in the way. So my question: how
> can I open up the firewall for tcp on my non-standard port number? Is
> that via the plinth interface, or is it a command-line thing (either
> is fine).
> If someone can point me in the right direction, I'll add a paragraph
> on this to the manual.

For new Debian installations - which includes Freedombox - ssh ignore
password-based access to root.

Also freedombox uses pam-abl which blocks the vast majority of those 
"thousands" of login attemts for random non-root accounts.

So perhaps you are vasting your time complicating matters.

 - Jonas

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