[Freedombox-discuss] First experience

Pascal heynmoeller at gmx.net
Mon Nov 6 16:18:57 UTC 2017


Am 6. November 2017 14:28:54 MEZ schrieb GDR! <gdr at gdr.name>:
>I'm not a novice user and I've dealt with all the problems listed, no
>need for assistance, but I wanted to show what installing Freedombox is
>like for a new user now. It's a QA report, not a rant.
>I've downloaded Freedombox 0.9 image for Virtualbox. It imported nicely
>and I was able to see the web interface. 
>Problem 1: Chromium isn't happy to show http://freedombox/ and there's
>no MOTD on screen suggesting which IP address to use.
>Okay, so let's see what's available. I wanted to install Pagekite -
>Problem 2: getting an error about dpkg being locked.
>After logging in I figured out that unattended-upgrades is running.
>When it was done, I tried installing the Pagekite again. 
>Problem 3: after upgrade is finished, web interface is dead.
>Okay, I'll try to reboot the VM then. 
>Problem 4: after reboot, nothing is listening on ports 80 and 443
>Looks like Apache failed to start, `systemctl start apache2` worked but
>the web interface is very incomplete (missing the left column).
>Something is very wrong. Turns out, package configuration wasn't
>finished and `dpkg -a --configure` was needed, followed by `apt-get -f
>install`. The failed packages were: freedombox-setup and plinth. After
>that, I was able to see the web interface and install Pagekite.
>Problem 5: /plinth/sys/pagekite/configure/ displays error 500 -
>reported: https://github.com/freedombox/Plinth/issues/1119
>I guess all of these problems, except for #5, could be solved by
>releasing a new set of images - the current ones are from July 2016:
The Mirror is very outdated
More recent images can be found on http://freedombox.org/download/
and http://ftp.freedombox.org/pub/freedombox/

Thank you for your feedback.
We should remove the outdated mirror from the wiki.

Chromium also doesn't like selfsigned certificates so we should advice to use Firefox.


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