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Joseph Nuthalapati njoseph at thoughtworks.com
Sun Nov 12 12:52:30 UTC 2017

[Nick B-T]
>/A long time ago I asked how likely it might be to include an ethereum />/node in the freedombox. />//>/An interesting development in the whisper protocol (the dark routing />/part of the ethereum stack) is the inclusion of a male server. here is />/the overview for those who are interested./

From what I understand, Whisper is a Peer to Peer communication protocol
for communication between DApps running on ethereum nodes. So each
FreedomBox user must run an ethereum node.

2 years ago, Markus Sabadello wrote a great answer to the earlier
question about running an ethereum node on the FreedomBox.

I suppose my response would've been similar.

Seems like the main problem would be that Ethereum is really resource
hungry to be able to run on Single Board Computers.

The documentation on Whisper says:
"It was designed to provide resilience and privacy at considerable
expense. At its most secure mode of operation, Whisper can theoretically
deliver 100% darkness."

The 4th use case on this page seems relevant to FreedomBox.

I'm new to smart contracts and DApps and don't fully understand how to
use this for anonymous communications yet. I found one DApp Demo called
Whisper Chat Client.
Maybe there will be further improvements in the future.

We should approach this on a use case basis and also see if there are
cheaper solutions for the same use case. I understand the pain that
there's currently no email server on the FreedomBox.

BTW, there's a new decentralized network which recently caught my
attention, called ZeroNet which offers email, forums, blogs and other
communication platforms but is light-weight enough to run on a
FreedomBox running on a SBC.



Joseph Nuthalapati

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