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Pierre L. petrus at miosweb.mooo.com
Mon Nov 13 08:12:21 UTC 2017

> Hi Pierre,
Hey James! Thx for your clear and informative answer !
> Debian 9 (Stretch) has plinth-0.13.1. In this version, the only
> difference between "admin" and other users is that "admin" users can
> access the box through SSH or console login. But every user can change
> configuration through Plinth. In other words, you should not create
> Plinth accounts for untrusted users.
It's sad on many cases I think. Or I haven't understood the goal of
Freedombox ?
I read "For example, to start using a private chat service, activate the
service from the administration interface and add your friends as
authorized users of the service"

On all systems I've used, there is an account (or many by using a group)
to administrate the services and the system itself + normal users with
an account for accessing those services. It's like using a computer, you
got many accounts with many levels, I don't want a children can be able
to change settings in the system for example :s

So if my goal is to manage users through Plinth, it's a bad idea because
everybody can manage Freedombox ?
So on every services, the Freedombox admin will have to create/manage
users for giving access to those services ?
It can be nice if the client "John Doe" can access services with only
one account (without being a Freedombox admin!).
The system admin will give access to John Doe by adding him to group
Radicale / SIPserver / OpenVPN (client generated) / Matrix.... etc.

> This was changed in plinth 0.14 and above (targeted for Debian 10
> (Buster)). Now, only the "admin" users can change configuration. I
> suggested in github issue #281 to add a description that this group is
> for the owner(s) of the FreedomBox.
Ok I'll try the current Debian testing, so it will use Plinth 0.14 with
this higher level of user management :)

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