[Freedombox-discuss] FBF server reboot

Daniel Gnoutcheff gnoutchd at softwarefreedom.org
Sun Aug 19 21:27:34 BST 2018

Hello all,

Be advised that at about 18:30 UTC today (2:30pm EDT), we accidentally
cut power to the server hosting some of the FreedomBox Foundation's VMs
(fbfvm1, fbfvm2, fbfwiki, fbx).  This affected freedombox.org,
ftp.freedombox.org, ci.freedombox.org, freedomboxfoundation.org, and
mumble.freedombox.org (fbx.freedomboxfoundation.org).  Service should
have beeen restored by about 19:00 UTC.  Let me know if something's

Daniel Gnoutcheff
Systems Administator
Software Freedom Law Center
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