[Freedombox-discuss] shadowsocks help

dj dgj+lists at systemli.org
Mon Jan 1 15:27:00 UTC 2018


I am trying to set up shadowsocks, but cannot get it to work.

A few questions.

In my FBX > Apps > Socks5 Proxy (Shadowsocks): for server, do I use
local IP (e.g., 142.168.0.XXX) or the XXX.freedombox.rocks URL or the
XXX.onion address? Do I need to open a port on my router? If yes, is it
port 1080 or 8388 (and is it TCP or UDP or both?)?

I am testing the connection using FireFox > Preferences > Advanced >
Network > Settings. Under "Configure Proxies to Access the Internet" I
am selecting "Manual Proxy Configuration".

SOCKS host: URL in FBX
Port: 1080

All other fields are empty.

I have tried all possible combinations of server URLs in FBX/FF Network
settings, have opened ports on my router, etc.

Any help to get this working?

I will update the manual to help others once I get it work.


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