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James Valleroy jvalleroy at mailbox.org
Mon Jan 1 18:16:30 UTC 2018

On 01/01/2018 10:27 AM, dj wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to set up shadowsocks, but cannot get it to work.
> A few questions.
> In my FBX > Apps > Socks5 Proxy (Shadowsocks): for server, do I use
> local IP (e.g., 142.168.0.XXX) or the XXX.freedombox.rocks URL or the
> XXX.onion address? Do I need to open a port on my router? If yes, is it
> port 1080 or 8388 (and is it TCP or UDP or both?)?

Hi DJ,

The current implementation of Shadowsocks in FreedomBox only supports
configuring FreedomBox as a Shadowsocks client. So the Shadowsocks
server is not the FreedomBox IP or URL.

It could be another server or VPS that you have configured as a
Shadowsocks server. You can also find some public Shadowsocks servers
listed on the web, but be aware that whoever operates the server can see
where requests are going, and any non-encrypted data will be visible to

The current use case for Shadowsocks is as follows:
- Shadowsocks client (FreedomBox) is in a region where some parts of the
Internet are blocked or censored.
- Shadowsocks server is in a different region, which doesn't have these
- The FreedomBox provides SOCKS proxy service on the local network for
other devices to make use of its Shadowsocks connection.

Later, we plan to make it possible to configure FreedomBox as
Shadowsocks server.


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